Everything you Need to Create and Manage Your Accounts

Below are all the forms you should need to create and manage your NC 529 Account. You have two options for each form.  The Fillable PDF option can be filled out using your computer before being printed and mailed.  Please note, for the Fillable PDF option, no typed information will be saved once you exit.  The other option is the Print and Fill Out PDF.  This is a blank form that must be printed out before being completed by hand and mailed.

If you have questions about these forms, please call us toll-free at 800-600-3453.  The phones are monitored from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. Friday, ET.

Program Description and Supplements

Before you open an Account, read carefully to learn about Investment Options, risks, charges, expenses and other important information.

Account Enrollment

There are three ways to open your Individual NC 529 Account. Select a method below to get started now or request an enrollment kit.

This form is designed to establish an Account on behalf of an Entity (estate, business, 501(c)(3) organization or state or local government agency). This may also be used by a 501(c)(3) or state or local government agency to set up a Scholarship Account.

Account Changes

Use this form to transfer the ownership of your NC 529 Account.

Use this form to make changes or corrections to your original Enrollment and Participation Agreement.


To set up or change payroll deduction contributions to your NC 529 Account, you must print the completed Payroll Deduction Authorization Agreement and provide it to your employer to activate your request.

This form is designed to accompany assets for deposit into an NC 529 Account from a Qualified Tuition Program, Coverdell Account, or U.S. Savings Bonds or to transfer assets between existing NC 529 Accounts.

This form is designed to initiate a Rollover of assets from another Qualified Tuition Program or Coverdell Education Savings Account to an existing NC 529 Account.

Send this form along with an NC 529 Account contribution.

If the Beneficiary's school refunded a portion of Qualified Higher Education Expenses that were paid using funds from a Qualified Withdrawal from your NC 529 Account, you may request to have those funds redeposited into the same Account to avoid certain tax consequences and penalties.

Send this form along with a Gift Contribution for an NC 529 Account. With this form, you may request the Program to mail a Gift Card to the Participant (Account Owner) or Beneficiary.

Download this form to send a Gift Card directly to the Participant (Account Owner) or the Beneficiary upon making a Gift Contribution to an NC 529 Account.


Request a Qualified or Non-Qualified Withdrawal from your NC 529 Account. A separate form/request is required for each Withdrawal. There is a $50.00 administrative charge for Non-Qualified Withdrawals and Rollovers to another Qualified Tuition Program.