Multiple Investments

Everyone likes Options!

With the NC 529 Program, you have a variety of Investment Options with a range of strategies, from conservative to aggressive. You can choose one or more options based on whatever mix meets your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

There are three Vanguard Age-Based tracks – Aggressive, Moderate or Conservative. There are 10 other individual options -- 9 different Vanguard Portfolios and the Federally-Insured Deposit Account managed by State Employees’ Credit Union.

For greater details and specifics regarding our menu of investment choices, please refer to our Program Description. Beginning on page 29, you'll find each investment listed with a snapshot including investment objectives and strategies.  The three Vanguard Age-Based tracks are detailed on page 31 including investment horizon based on beneficiary age.  

Contribute what you can, when you can

After opening an Account, you don't have to worry about not being able to make contributions.  You can make Contributions in a variety of ways with a minimum of only $25.  If you have extra money or if money gets tight, you can adjust or cancel your Contributions, within Program timeline rules.

  • Make regularly scheduled contributions using any of the following methods
    • Entry of a monthly or bi-monthly ACH draft on your NC 529 Plan Account
    • Establish payroll deductions if your Employer is a participating provider to any NC 529 Plan Account
    • Use your financial institution bill payment service a check can be mailed at the frequency you choose
  • Make a one-time contribution
    • Entry of a one-time EFT on your NC 529 Plan Account
    • Mailing a check, money order, or cashier's check
    • Wire transfer or EFT initiated via your financial institution transfer services
    • The program also accepts third-party contributions for processing