Congratulations to the NC 529 Education Wonderland Giveaway Winners


The NC 529 Education Wonderland Giveaway winner is the Goebel family of Concord, North Carolina! Their account was randomly chosen from thousands of entries to win $5,529 for education. The funds will go straight into their son’s NC 529 Account, where the earnings are tax-exempt when used to pay for a wide variety of qualified education expenses, including K–12 tuition, college expenses, career/technical school, and more.

Congratulations to the Goebel family and to all families who started saving for education by participating in the giveaway. During December and January, more than 3,000 new NC 529 Accounts were created. In addition, many current account holders set up automatic contributions to their accounts through their bank or employer, used our gifting platform, and increased the amount they're setting aside each month for the future. Way to go!

To spread the word about the Education Wonderland Giveaway and to bust some common myths about the NC 529 Plan, representatives across the state were interviewed.

NC 529 Making Headlines Statewide

NC 529's dedicated team of regional representatives spoke to media outlets across North Carolina to promote the significance of saving for K–12 and higher education with NC 529. They shared facts about the NC 529 Plan and talked about new laws that benefit account holders in 2024. Additionally, their media tour invited North Carolinians to participate in the Education Wonderland Giveaway with an exciting opportunity to win a $5,529 prize!

Spreading the Word With WRAL-TV in Raleigh

NC 529 Regional Representative Sarita Broadway spoke to WRAL-TV about the Education Wonderland Giveaway and new laws taking into effect in January 2024. Sarita also shared important busted myths about the NC 529 Plan so North Carolina families can have all the facts before saving and investing for education.

  • MYTH: Unused Funds Go to the Wayside: 
    • Transferring unused funds from one NC 529 Account to another family member’s account has always been easy, but starting in 2024, excess funds can also be rolled over into a Roth IRA for the beneficiary. 
  • MYTH: Scholarships are a Penalty:
    • If a student earns a scholarship, the equivalent amount can be withdrawn from the NC 529 Account without paying taxes or a penalty. Students are encouraged to seek scholarships and grants using the CFNC Scholarship Search.
  • MYTH: 529 Accounts Will Affect Financial Aid:
    • NEW in 2024 — NC 529 accounts owned by a grandparent or other third party don’t need to be reported on the student’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and won’t affect financial aid eligibility.

Sarita also spoke about the many different ways NC 529 Plan funds can be used, including:

  • Higher education
  • Career and technical education
  • Apprenticeships 
  • Student loan payments
  • Roth IRA contributions (with limitations and exclusions)

Watch the full interview here.

Helping Families in Charlotte Save With WCNC-TV

NC 529 Regional Representative Timeka Ruffin spoke with WCNC-TV about new changes to the NC 529 Plan and the Education Wonderland Giveaway. The interview aired during WCNC’s “Where’s the Money?” segment.

“Whether it’s K–12 education, whether it is a certification, it is a way for people to save for education and for college,” Ruffin said. “You can be here and go to a college in California online. There are just so many ways now that people can experience their education. They don’t necessarily have to be on a college campus.”

Watch the full story here or read the story online.

Any Time is a Good Time to Save With NC 529

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