Recognizing Historically Black Colleges & Universities in North Carolina

Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) - where history and education intertwine. This Black History Month, join us in celebrating the profound impact of Historically Black Colleges & Universities in North Carolina. HBCUs have been a powerhouse of education, empowerment, and resilience, shaping not only the lives of students but also the future of our entire state. As we honor their legacy, let's also look forward to how HBCUs will continue to shape the future of education and opportunity for all.

Bennett College

Established in 1873, Bennett College is proud to be one of the oldest HBCUs and the only one exclusively for women in NC. With its rich history and commitment to empowering women of color, Bennett offers a supportive environment for students to thrive. From small class sizes to a focus on community engagement, discover why Bennett stands out.

Elizabeth City State University

Discover the unique academic environment at Elizabeth City State University. Known for their commitment to student success and innovative programs, ECSU is proud to foster the next generation of leaders. Fun Fact: ECSU is home to the only Aviation Science program in North Carolina within an HBCU. Ready to embark on a transformative academic journey? Explore Elizabeth City State University.

Johnson C. Smith University

Known for their 100-acre campus in Charlotte, North Carolina, 15 NCAA Division II sports teams, and over 50 student organizations, Johnson C. Smith University provides a unique university experience for forward-thinking students. Explore how you can come home to the Golden Bull family.

Livingstone University

Empowered by a commitment to quality instruction, academic excellence, and student success, Livingstone University in Salisbury, North Carolina has a brilliant record of accomplishment for student potential, leadership, and service to a global community. With 23 majors across various fields of interest, you can find your path the Livingstone Way.

NC A&T State University

Founded in 1891, NC A&T State University has a rich history of academic excellence and social activism. As the largest HBCU in the nation, NC A&T is a leader in STEM education, producing top-tier engineers and innovators. From its groundbreaking research to its lively campus life, NC A&T offers students an unparalleled educational experience.


North Carolina Central University

Founded in 1910, North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina has earned national acclaim for its groundbreaking research opportunities and commitment to community involvement. Did you know that in the 2022–2023 academic year, undergraduate students contributed more than 166,455 hours of public service in Durham? Discover how you can make an impact at NCCU.

Saint Augustine's University

Founded in 1867, Saint Augustine's University has been a cornerstone of education and progress for over a century. Fun fact: SAU pioneered the first nursing school for African Americans in NC. With a rich history, a close-knit campus community, and diverse opportunities, SAU offers students a unique educational experience. Explore their vibrant campus life, cutting-edge academic programs, and commitment to student success.

Shaw University

Founded in 1865, Raleigh, North Carolina’s Shaw University is the first historically Black institution of higher education in the South and the first HBCU in the nation to open its doors to women. With career-focused education offerings spanning over 20 possible academic programs, Shaw U exists for you.

Winston-Salem State University

Established in 1892, Winston-Salem State University is an outstanding place to grow. WSSU is home to an award-winning student activities center, top 25 division II football, basketball, and baseball programs, and boasts 100+ student organizations. You will have the choice of over 40 academic programs led by professors who are known for their research expertise and getting to know students. Discover what you can do at WSSU.