Senioritis: 10 Tips to Stay Motivated and Avoid Failing Senior Year

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Ever since you were little, you’ve been looking forward to your senior year of high school. Going to prom, visiting colleges, cheering on your school’s football team at your last homecoming —senior year has so many exciting things in store. Most of all, you can’t wait to discover where you’ll be spending the next chapter of your life!

But before you can walk the stage with your best friends and walk off into the sunset, you must tackle that dreaded condition that plagues high school seniors around the world: SENIORITIS. In a time where productivity and motivation are more important than ever, symptoms of senioritis, like inactivity, fatigue, or chronic class-skipping, must be stopped before they get serious. Luckily, following these 10 tips will keep you on track for success!

TIP #1: Set Actionable Goals and Track Them

Be proactive by entering your senior year with a strong set of goals that will stop senioritis before it starts. Whether you want to get good grades for the year or be accepted into a specific college, ensure the goal is specific and actionable. For example, instead of setting a goal that reads “I want to do well in my classes this semester,” try “I will receive grades of an 85 or above in most of my classes this semester.”

You can even take it further and include steps for achieving the goal. For example, “I will achieve the GPA I want this semester by not procrastinating, studying one hour every night, and turning in all assignments on time.”

Once you’ve written down your list of goals for the year, come up with ways you can track your progress. That could be something like a journal entry or a reflection session with a friend, or anything that allows you to check in with yourself and make any necessary changes to your behavior.

TIP #2: Find an Accountability Buddy

Odds are, your friends are feeling the effects of senioritis just as much as you are. Take advantage of this by asking a close friend to be your “accountability buddy.” You and this friend will promise to hold each other to your goals by encouraging hard work with no slacking off!

Remember that sharing your goals in public will increase your chances of achieving them. Invite others to support you by telling them your goals in conversation or even posting them to your social media!

TIP #3: Use Your High School Classes as College Prep

Many seniors adopt the harmful mindset that high school classes are useless at this point and merely need to be completed. THIS DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOU! Instead, look at your last year of classes as the perfect opportunity to sharpen your study tactics so you can enter college with a great foundation. Be extra mindful of time management and study habits, taking note of what works best for you. Keep in mind that even after a college has admitted you, they can rescind that offer if your senior year grades tank.

Trust us, you’d much rather be working a little harder your senior year than drowning in work during your freshman year of college. Seize this opportunity and set yourself up for success —now and in the future!

TIP #4: Keep Track of Deadlines and Stay Organized

One of the most overwhelming parts of senior year is staying on top of all the deadlines on the horizon. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this list of North Carolina college admissions deadlines and visit information. PRO TIP: Add the relevant dates for universities you are interested in to your Google Calendar and utilize push notifications. This way, you’re sure to never miss an important date!

For general organization practices, try keeping a planner that is broken up into daily and weekly to-do lists. This will help you prioritize your school assignments and balance them with college application tasks. (Not to mention how satisfying it is to look at all those checked boxes at the end of your day!)

TIP #5: Apply to College ASAP and Utilize CFNC Resources

Procrastination can get the best of all of us, but there are many benefits to starting college applications as soon as possible. Starting early allows you to dedicate adequate amounts of time to essays, avoid being crunched for recommendation letters, and receive your decisions sooner!

To start, explore CFNC’s “Apply to College” page on our website. The College Search platform lets you explore 100+ schools and even allows you to send your contact information to your favorite options! Once you find your picks, log in to the CFNC Application Hub, a one-stop-shop for applying to North Carolina colleges. Send official high school transcripts, confirm residency status, and monitor progress all in one place!

Navigating the financial component of college admissions is tricky. CFNC’s financial resources help seniors to pay for college by providing FAFSA assistance, managing loans, and matching students with scholarships.

The best part? All of this stuff is FREE!

TIP #6: Keep in Mind Colleges Can Revoke Acceptance

This one is no fun to talk about, but it is important in maintaining the right mindset. It is a common misconception that once you’re accepted into college, grades and attendance no longer matter. Remember, most schools’ acceptances are contingent on students maintaining grades throughout their senior year. Remember, you’re already required to send a final high school transcript after graduation. You don’t want to share any unexpected surprises!

Keeping this in mind will help you push through those tough times when you’re tempted to skip that assignment and go hang with your friends. Grind it out first and know you’re doing it for your future!

TIP #7: Have Regular Check-Ins with a Mentor

Establishing a mentor can be a cornerstone in ensuring you meet your goals for the year. Whether it’s a parent, an older sibling, a coach, or a teacher, they can lead you down the path of success. Most importantly, create a schedule for the two of you to meet regularly, so the check-ins give them a good gauge of your progress.

Your high school counselor can be another great source of encouragement during this time. They can help keep you motivated and offer specific advice tailored to your class schedule and goals for college. Next time you’re in school, stop by their office and say, “Hey!”

TIP #8: Be Present!

College is supposed to be exciting, but don’t spend all your time wishing your senior year away. Not only will this cause you to become more complacent with your current studies and obligations, but you’ll look back and wish you had enjoyed the little moments more.

FUN BONUS: Try making a memory capsule Instagram account to capture all your favorite memories of the year. This will encourage you to spend more time with your friends and family and try new things. Not to mention, when that little homesick feeling tugs at you in college, you’ll have the account to look back on.

TIP #9: Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health

Stress surely takes its toll on the mind AND the body. You have a lot on your plate this year so remember to take breaks. Burnout is a real thing and a big driver of senioritis, so you want to avoid that. When those feelings of stress begin to overwhelm you, talk to a loved one or professional about what you’re experiencing.

Prioritizing balance in your life is easier said than done. Be sure to get plenty of rest and eat nourishing foods to fuel your busy schedule! Exercise is a great way to clear your mind and get your blood pumping, so get outside with your friends and dump those senior year jitters!

TIP #10: Most of All, HAVE FUN!

At the end of the day, this year is one you are going to remember for the rest of your life, so fill it with tons of special, fun memories. Join that club you’ve always been curious about, and go all out for spirit week. Get involved in any way you can! Making the most of senior year will make your hard work that much more worth it.

Following these tips could cure even Ferris-Bueller-level senioritis, so we know you’ll be just fine. Be intentional this year, and know that we here at CFNC are rooting for you!

If you’re finding that senior year is flying by and you still haven’t completed your college applications, there’s no time like the present! Create a free CFNC Account today and start planning your future.

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