Week 4 - I Applied. Now What?

Things to Accomplish This Week:

  1. Submit transcripts on CFNC.org, if you have not already. Many students will have done this while submitting applications on CFNC.org. If you used another website to submit an application this month, such as the college’s direct website or Common App, you can still use CFNC.org to send official high school transcripts to your colleges. A final transcript will also be sent approximately ten days after grades are posted at the end of your senior year. (https://www.cfnc.org/media/oygbxsqi/electronic-transcripts-faq-student.pdf).
  2. Follow up with your colleges to see if you have submitted everything that you need to for admissions. You can also track applications on CFNC.org.
  3. If you have not already, begin submitting scholarship applications. You can look for local scholarships (ask your school counselor), institutional scholarships (look on your college’s website or ask the school), national scholarships, and North Carolina scholarships (https://www.cfnc.org/pay-for-college/scholarship-search/). Never pay for scholarship information.

Live Virtual Events:

I Applied. Now What?

Students participated in activities during C2C and have college applications, RDS, and their FAFSA completed (or at least one of these items finished!); now what? This session will offer students and parents information on what comes next. We’ll have plenty of time for Q&A as well, so bring your questions!

  • To be announced

How-To Videos:

How-to Search for a Scholarship on CFNC:

This brief how-to video shows you how to use the CFNC Scholarship Search tool to find scholarships that you may be eligible to apply.

How-to Complete a CFNC College Application: 

This brief how-to video shows you how to use the CFNC.org Application Hub to apply to NC colleges and universities, send your official electronic high school transcript, and track the progress of other admissions tasks.

How-to Send a Transcript: 

This brief how-to video shows you how to use the CFNC.org Application Hub to send your official electronic high school transcript from NC public high schools to over 100 NC colleges and universities.

Helpful Resources To Check Out This Week:

Helpful Spanish Resources: